About Us

Our Past

 KML Technology, Inc. has provided 9-1-1 answering equipment and service in New Jersey since 1991. We are proud of our extensive experience, knowledge, and care in handling our customer's 9-1-1 needs. Over the past 26 years more than 2.5 million 9-1-1 emergency calls per year have been answered on our systems in over 135 PSAPS.  Our team of 24-hour service professionals places the highest emphasis on immediate response to your technical service needs and it is our goal to provide the maximum level of service to our customers.  

Our Future

KML is pleased to introduce the Smarti3 system,  the most sophisticated 911 dispatch solution on the market today. By integrating today’s technology and standards, KML has built a solution architecture that permits continuous growth .   The KML Smarti3 solution brings reliability, redundancy, and scalability through a series of customizable components resulting in real time resolution management and extended fault tolerance.