The Smarti3 System

NG Compliant

The Smarti3 architecture was designed and built adhering to all of the NENA, i3 and SIP standards. 

Key areas of compliance: 

  • RFC 3261 – SIP 
  • RFC 5139 - Civic Location format (i3 requirement) 
  • RFC 3863 - Presence Information data format Location (I3 Requirement) 
  • GML 3.30 – PiDFLO Format  

NG Enterprise Grade Architecture

Smarti3 is fully compliant with the Open Source SIP standards, i3, ESINet and NENA standards. This dynamic architecture removes the costly proprietary telephony barriers and allows the customer to continue to take advantage of the ever changing technology. 

Software Reliability

Smarti3 introduces a real time monitoring solution. By integrating the KML monitoring system into the foundation of Smarti3, it is possible to proactively determine problem areas and intelligently resolve them in real time, while providing real time notifications and alert monitoring.  

Fault Tolerance

Smarti3 is an Enterprise Grade 9-1-1 solution. Its fully duplicated infrastructure permits each 9-1-1 workstation to connect to both the primary and secondary server simultaneously. In the event of a server failure, the workstations will continue to utilize the functioning server without disruption. KML's primary goal to remove all single points of failure. 

System Administration

KMLprovides 24x7x365 support. KML has highly skilled and trained professionals available to provide mission critical support for both hardware and software.    The Smarti3 implements a complete self-diagnostic and support structure. When a problem occurs, Smarti3 flags the issue, assigns a category and sends the report directly to support.  The Smarti3 platform was designed to provide a high degree of scalability with a minimal amount of configuration and additional hardware requirements. 

NENA Standards

The Smarti3 System is in compliance with all NENA standards.